What is Lungs In Action?

Lungs in Action is Lung Foundation Australia’s community based maintenance exercise program for people with stable chronic lung conditions who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation. It is also suitable for people with stable NYHA class II & III heart failure who have completed heart failure rehabilitation.

All Lungs in Action classes are run by exercise professionals who have been specially trained in exercising people with chronic lung conditions and heart failure. Lungs in Action classes are suitable for people using supplemental oxygen and/or walking frames. And there are seated options for all exercises if required. Class formats may vary between instructors and equipment availability.

Why Lungs in Action?

Studies show that people who continue regular exercise are more likely to maintain the improvements gained from rehabilitation.

Unfortunately the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation can decline over a 6-12 month period on cessation of a supervised pulmonary program, unless a regular maintenance exercise program is completed.


Maintaining or even improving fitness
Exercising with people who have had similar experiences
Making daily life activities like gardening, self-care and housework easier
Exposure to a social environment that is fun and supportive
Being instructed by an exercise professionals who understand your specific needs, and have been trained by Lung Foundation Australia