What is Psychology?

The health of you as an individual is not just your physical well-being, but also your mental and emotional health. At Your Path to Health we have an accredited psychologist on staff who has skills and knowledge to assist you with management of a variety of different mental health conditions.

No matter if you might be struggling with PTSD, Anxiety/Depression or trauma we are here to help. With the ability to access your Mental Health Care plan and private health rebates available if your struggling please enquire about our Psychology service.


Anxiety is a very common mental health condition so don’t feel alone, in Australia 14% of adults are affected by an anxiety disorder. Anxiety has both psychological and physical symptoms including a general feeling of uneasiness to feeling like your having a heart attack. If your experiencing anxiety it can at times feel like being in an invisible cage that constantly demands attention, this can result in taking focus away from other important things in life like your family and work. However, the earlier your able to access help and support the better you can start to manage and recover from it. At Your Path to Health our Psychologist can provide counselling aimed to help you to understand what is happening, help you develop ways to cope and to reduce the anxiety and eventually to get over it.


Depression is another very common mental health condition characterised by strong feelings of sadness, helplessness and hopelessness. Sometimes it can manifest as physical effects including struggling to sleep, high fatigue levels and even physical aches and pains. The most important thing is if your noticing any of these symptoms is to seek out help as this can help you take control again. With assistance of our Psychologist we aim to assist you make the first step in managing depression, the aim being to regain quality of life for not just you but your loved ones around you as well.


Everyone reactions to traumatic events is different, this can be due to a variety of factors such as, the nature of the event, your level of support, previous and current life stresses, personality and your ability to access copping resources. Experiencing trauma has the potential to intrude into our day to day lives, leading to long lasting effects on our mental health. If you find your struggling to deal with a traumatic event we suggest it a good idea to seek help. Psychology services can assess trauma and help you better understand and respond through coping strategies and techniques. With assistance from our trained psychologist we aim to manage the symptoms that you may experience due to a traumatic event like depression, stress and anxiety. In other words, we aim to get you back on your feet helping to regain your quality of life.


Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD occurs after we witness or experience a traumatic event causing a group of stress reactions. If you think you might be struggling with PTSD it is essential that you seek help. At Your Path to Health our Psychologist has training to assist you develop effective management strategies. This may include targeting directly your symptoms of PTSD or include strategies that focus on social, family or job-related issues.