Jessica Webb 

Business Owner & Accredited Exercise Physiologist

I grew up right here on the eastern shore of Hobart and have always had a passion for health, exercise and nutrition. I started Your Path to Health in 2011 as I saw a need in the community to support those struggling with chronic conditions. I am so proud to be an exercise physiologist, building the knowledge of what we do in our community. I believe in really understanding the client and their needs, and developing a program that achieves long term success through exercise therapy. I love working with all my clients, but I specialise in treatment during and post cancer diagnosis. My passions outside of my business include spending time at home with my husband and two whippets (Jetta & Maddison), where we share a love of family, sports, travel and camping. I’m also a passionate netballer and currently play in the state-wide competition for OHA.

Nick Lee

Manager of Allied Health Services & Accredited Exercise Physiologist

I am a local Tasmanian who has studied and lived in this state. I have always been passionate about exercise, health and fitness. I love being an Exercise Physiologist as it enables me to work with all members of the community to help them reach their rehabilitation and health goals. I have a keen interest in working with those in the community with heart, lung and musculoskeletal conditions and have undertaken specific training in these areas. Working at Your Path to Health has provided me the opportunity to build and grow my leadership skills, while working alongside a brilliant team of providers and reception staff.  My passions outside of the office include being self-confessed sports nut and have been involved in many different local sporting teams. I also love hanging out with friends and have keen interest in travel.

Hayley Webb

Practice Manger & Receptionist

I grew up in Howrah along with my brother and two sisters. I now live with my partner still on the eastern shore with our two dogs and cat. I love my job, there is always something different happening every day and interacting with clients makes for a great work environment.  The best thing about working at Your Path to Health is that I get the opportunity to work with my family along with an absolute amazing provider and reception team. My role as practice manger has also helped me grow as an individual as it has given me the opportunity to grow my management skills. When I get some time off I love nothing more than kicking back with a good tv show or movie and I’m also a self-confessed shopaholic.

Klara Suessenbach


I have been a dietitian for the 17 years working with a wide range of individuals and organisations in Tasmania and further afield. Working as a dietitian gives me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for looking for simple clear pathways to improved health and effectiveness in life. I work in a broad range of clinical and general health areas including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, allergies and intolerance, geriatric nutrition and eating disorders through to sports nutrition and generally eating for good health throughout life. At Your Path to Health I have found a team of health practitioners who are 100% focused on making great quality health care accessible to anyone who walks through the door and it’s for this reason I love being a part of the Your Path to Health team. Outside of work I’m an embarrassingly proud Mum! I love my family and spend most of my ‘spare’ time on the side of a soccer field, inside a gymnasium or somewhere in between (hopefully with a good pick me up coffee in hand).  I have only two things on my bucket list a visit to the Natural History Museum and barrister lessons and it can’t go unsaid; I love running, a lot , and a long way and with anyone who’ll come along for the trot.

Ash Webb


I always wanted to work with the human body and I’ve always had an interest in improving patterns of movement from my background as a springboard and platform diving coach. It is a very rewarding profession and I thoroughly enjoy being able to diagnose and treat client’s pain and movement disorders by improving their mobility, function, pain, performance and quality of life. While I am very happy treating all health concerns I’m particular passionate about women’s health, clinical pilates, orthopaedics and neurological physiotherapy. My personal interests include staying fit and healthy where I love to participate in HIIT training classes and Yoga. I also love getting away on the weekends to explore and find adventures.

Meg Beton

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

I love working with people to help them move and feel better. Exercise is a powerful medicine and its so rewarding to see people improve their health and accomplish their goals. I enjoy working with any condition, however I have a keen interest in musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Working at Your Path to Health has given me the opportunity to work with a wide variety client which makes my work challenging yet very rewarding. Personally, my own hobbies and interest include keeping fit and I love watching live sport and music when I can.

Murshid Al-Khendi


I graduated from La Trobe University qualifying with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Podiatric Practice. I have a keen interest in diabetes foot management and foot health education. This involves all aspects of general skin and nail treatment, diabetes foot assessment and footwear evaluation. Additionally, I have a fond interest in biomechanics and sport-related injuries. I am always trying to learn and improve my skills to help my clients heal quicker. I’ve always been an advocate for healthy lifestyle and its impact on good foot health. In my spare time I like to stay active by going for hikes or to the gym. I also really enjoy catching up with friends for a coffee.

Ashleigh Pearton


I have been working at Your Path to Health for over five years as a receptionist. It’s a great environment to work in and very insightful as I am studying to be an Exercise Physiologist myself. The clients we see are fantastic and it’s wonderful to hear their progress and how the providers have enhanced their lives. When I’m not studying or working I love spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy participating in both netball and dancing.

Sophie Duggan


Before working at Your Path to Health, I completed a Bachelor degree of Health Science at UTAS. After being involved in sports all my life, I knew I had a keen interest in health and wellbeing and I knew I wanted to work in the health field improving the lives of others. I am thoroughly enjoying my time working here at Your Path to Health. It’s lovely to be involved in a team-based workplace with such friendly individuals who also have a passion for improving all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing.

Taylor Headlam


I am a first-year graduate college student with a passion for business and success. I have short term goals to become both a Personal Trainer and an Accountant with long term goals of having my own business. I love not only working but being a part of the family at Your Path to Health. Being a receptionist at Your Path to Health combines my passion for both business and physical activity, helping me towards a successful career path. I love family, friends and physical activity, dedicating the last 8 years of my life to the Wrest Point OHA Netball Club, the club of which Your Path to Health sponsors.

Barb Webb


I love my job as a Receptionist as when clients walk through the door I’m often the first people they see and love to make people feel welcome and at ease before seeing their provider. I enjoy working at YPTH because I get to see firsthand how allied health support can make a real difference in people’s lives.  Also one of the best things working at Your Path to Health is it gives me the opportunity to work alongside my three incredible daughters who I’m very proud of as well a group of fantastic providers and reception staff.

My interests outside of work include spending time with my family, friends and of course my two fur babies, Bella and Lennox. I also look after myself by regularly taking part in weight training session at Your Path to Health.