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Do you have pain or injury that’s interfering with YOUR life? Do you want to achieve YOUR physical health goals? Then Your Path to Health’s exceptional physiotherapy team can help YOU achieve this! What can a physiotherapist do for you? Physiotherapy is a crucial healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent


Osteopathic treatment is fully hands-on and no machines or tools are used. Assessment is through questioning, observation, examination and special tests. A variety of techniques are used as required such as soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, stretching and subtle neural manipulation and cranial techniques.


We provide practical, evidence-based nutrition advice to achieve your personal and health goals. We understand that everyone’s lifestyle and nutrition needs are different so we will provide you with personalised practical advice, professional support and teach the accountability you need to achieve your goals.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is an exciting new allied health professional helping you through lifestyle change and exercise programming. Having a thorough understanding of the human body and chronic disease we can develop a plan appropriate to your needs and by liaising with other members of your health care team (e.g. physiotherapist, surgeon, dietician, GP and Podiatrist) we ensure we are all working together.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage therapy aims to treat specific ailments through massage by treating muscles that are tense, knotted, or immobile. It is a targeted treatment which is ideal for people who are suffering from injuries and chronic pain.

Paediatric Therapy

Paediatric therapy involves interventional strategies targeted at young people to help them thrive and develop through the stages of life. Tailored strategies are made based on the young person’s capacity, development, goals and interests. Working closely with the young person, their families are Carers is essential for making progress and forming strong long term relationships.