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Dear Jess
I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you spent setting up the exercise program for me.

As you know I had a back injury some time ago which left me with nerve damage, I have been suffering lack of balance and stability along with pain and discomfort. The first program of three months went well, resulting in considerable benefits to my balance and stability. I am now only three weeks into the second program and I am feeling the difference already. I have no pain or discomfort which is really great, my stability is getting better day by day and my balance has improved quite a lot.

Once again Jess I would like to say thank you for your help and look forward to any other exercises or ideas you may have. I only wish I had seen you sooner.

Dale Lloyd

I was referred to Your Path to Health by my General Practitioner for an ankle injury which was getting worse and worse.

Your Path to Health not only has helped me to control my ankle injury with exercise and strengthening exercises to do at home but I have achieved goals way beyond my expectations. Not only has it help me improve my health by losing over 10 kilograms in weight, 20cm around my waist but also my high blood pressure is now under control and my high cholesterol has turned around dramatically. I am not as tired and have a lot more energy.

I like the fact that it offers friendly supervised exercise classes and programs to suit the individual, and there is always someone to help any time on the phone for support and help. You are treated like an individual and not a number and get lost in the system. I find their exercise programs are there to suit you as an individual or you can also join in group programs which not only may be not as expensive for your budget but are a lot of fun we are always having a giggle at each other.

There are also programs that can be claimed on your private health cover as well. I would say to others that are wanting help to be more active to certainly give it a try as it is the best experience I have ever invested in. I had tried other gyms but never stuck at them as I never saw the results that I wanted. I feel like a different person now and have gained my confidence back which was lost a very long time ago.

Thank you everyone at Your Path to Health 🙂


On the 23/4/2010 I underwent a total left knee replacement. Following a period of convalescence and gentle exercises prescribed by the surgeons physiotherapist I decided that I needed to progress to an upgraded programme of rehabilitation.

In this respect Jess Webb formulated a programme designed specifically for me and the inury I had, which consisted initally of gentle pool/hydrotherapy exercise to assist with range of motion to my knee. Following the pool exercise I moved forward to some physical therapy based exercises in the programme that Jess had tailored to my needs.

Within a period of approximately two months my knee was healed to the point that I had essentially full range of motion and could performa most things I could pre-operatively. Jess was instrumental in my recovery and nothing was a problem for her. Thanks to Jess who really assisted in my post-op recovery.

Paul Stringer

I am continually gobsmacked at what I’ve achieved since taking regular classes at YOUR PATH TO HEALTH, starting with one-on-one and then joining the group classes (limit of 10 people). These classes are most enjoyable. They’re never boring because instructors/physiotherapists have a multitude of variations up their sleeves to surprise us AND they can modify any exercise to suit our ability at that point in time. It’s also very rewarding for both parties when comparisons can be made of improved ability. I’ve made cherished friendships with the added “Laughter is the best medicine” component. We inspire each other. Reducing my pain and heart medication has been a bonus!

The post-surgery rehab attracted my attention (I’ve had multiple surgeries) so I knew I would be in safe hands. Due to my limited physical ability and complicated medical history, even walking was an immense effort and painful. We take so much for granted. I am now able to walk to a nearby bus stop, actually get on the bus and enjoy the experience. It’s often the simplest things in life that give the greatest pleasure!

I could give many more examples, but, in summary, all staff at YOUR PATH TO HEALTH are dedicated and passionate about their role in improving a person’s QUALITY OF LIFE. It is easy for me to stay committed to attending my regular sessions and the benefits to me have been astronomical!

Thank you YPTH “to the power of infinity!”

Pam Goldsmith


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