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Our priority is to help you stay healthy, active, mobile & independent.

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Welcome To Your Path To Health

Your Path to Health is a health and wellness studio now with two first-class facilities at Bellerive and Derwent Park. We provide individualised allied health and fitness services to the people of Hobart with passionate University trained staff providing you with treatment based on the latest research adapted to your situation.

We are committed to providing evidence-based practice through a friendly, supportive and empathetic environment. We specialise in helping individuals with chronic health conditions, the elderly, musculoskeletal conditions and those who are under the NDIS funding scheme. 


Exercise Physiology




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Strength training can be anything from resistance exercises and lifting weights to body weighted exercises. It looks different for everyone and can be individualised for you and your specific needs! ✨

"We all know resistance training is good for us, and there are so many reasons to add it to your exercise routine. Some people to it to build muscle. Others, to reach a goal, like being able to pick up our grandkids. Maybe, it’s your way just to relax. Whatever your reason, you deserve a big pat on the back just for doing it!"

There are many benefits to strength training, and some may include:
⭐ Reduces pain and inflammation markers
⭐ Improves bone mineral density, muscle mass and movement control
⭐ Improves balance
⭐ Decreases blood pressure and cholesterol
⭐ Improves feeling of wellbeing and self esteem
⭐ Reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms
⭐ Improves cognitive function and focus
⭐ Boosts metabolic rate and improves insulin sensitivity

Before undergoing any form of strength training it is recommended to complete a warmup. A warmup "primes your body, reduces the risk of injury, and optimises performance."

Ref: Exercise Right

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Tomorrow marks the start of Exercise Right Week ✨

"Exercise Right Week is an annual public awareness campaign powered by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA).

The 2023 theme is ‘The Right Advice’, highlighting the importance of seeking individualised and territory-qualified advice for exercise, health, and sporting needs.

In today’s world, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what exercises to do, and what the best approach is for a specific health condition or goal. That’s why it’s more important than ever to seek advice from a qualified professional who can provide personalised guidance based on your unique needs."

Ref: Exercise Right

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To raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), educate everyone about these diseases, raise money to find a cure for the different IBDs and improve patient quality of life.

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Wishing our massage therapist a very happy birthday!!!

We are sure that Kiani will spoil you today 🥰

Leave Brandon a message to help celebrate his special day!

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Anna-Maria’s Tuesday and Thursday night classes are SO much fun!!!

AM’s classes typically range from HIIT style strength/cardio, to floor based stretching and strengthening. Each session is different but you can be sure that there will be a great playlist 🎧🕺

Not only does she put you through your paces, she supports and motivates you to challenge yourself that little bit more (within reason of course!)

Let us know if you’d like more information about our group fitness classes!

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We offer a number of different classes to suit your needs
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