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What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise physiology is an exciting new allied health profession helping you through lifestyle change and exercise programming. Having a thorough understanding of the human body and chronic disease we can develop a plan appropriate to your needs and by liaising with other members of your health care team (e.g. physiotherapist, surgeon, dietitian, GP and Podiatrist) we ensure we are all working together.

An exercise physiologist is not just an exercise trainer but a ‘counsellor, nutritionist and support worker; we work with you through a holistic approach to achieve your desired goals in rehabilitation, health and fitness.

Exercise Physiology can assist everybody from the apparently healthy to individuals suffering from chronic disease/injury as well as athletes striving to improve performance. Programs can be completed at home or in our exercise studio depending on personality, motivation or goals. We conduct a thorough review and assessment to really understand every client and their requirements ensuring that all programs are appropriate, safe, and enjoyable. There is no point in giving you a program that you won’t work for you.

Through your initial consultation plans are developed to get to the core of the issue rather than putting a ‘band aid’ on top, we aim to rehabilitate the original cause giving you the best possible chance of preventing, managing and treating your issue(s).

How can Exercise Physiology help?

Weight Management

Losing weight is not easy and there is so much more to the process then an exercise program, we help you on your journey through the good days and the bad days towards your goals. Exercise physiology applies the best scientific information to achieve healthy weight loss results. Our Exercise Physiologist take a personalised approach to your weight loss plan and tailor your exercise program to your specific physical function. This means we take into account other health conditions that may exist e.g. joint pain, diabetic control and mental health to ensure your plan will not have a detrimental effect on pre-existing conditions.

Chronic Disease Management

At Your Path to Health our Accredited Exercise Physiologist have the skills and knowledge to assist with the management of a wide variety of chronic health conditions. Our team follow evidence-based best practice to guide exercise treatment for your specific condition(s) this may include, but not limited to;

Type 2 diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, Ischaemic heart disease, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Depression, Osteoarthritis, Chronic fatigue, Stress-related mental illnesses, Cancer, COPD, Neurological disorders.

Maintaining Mobility

Maintaining mobility particularly as we age is a major factor in sustaining quality of life and independence. Exercise Physiology can assist to reduce falls risk as well as making sure you can complete your daily activities. Whether you struggle to play with the grandkids or having difficulty getting dressed with a tailored exercise program our Exercise Physiologist can help you to complete activities you never thought you would get back to.

Now don’t panic by the word exercise we not hear to train the next ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger ’ our team prescribe simple movements which are achievable but not overwhelming.

Sport Strength and Conditioning/Rehabilitation

Understanding an athlete at any level includes a combination of their sport, their body and their mind. Accredited Exercise Physiologist have had extensive training in the fields of sports science and human movement needed to assist you as the athlete, whether this involves recovery from injury or a strength and conditioning program.

Our exercise physiologist take an individual approach to you as an athlete and tailor a training regime that is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior or state/national competitor our team can assist you achieve your athletic goals or return to competition.

Exercise Physiology is eligible for a number of funding options which can help towards the costs of your appointments including, Medicare & private health rebates. Other funding options might include, NDIS, DVA, MAIB and workers compensation.

Exercise Physiology at Your Path to Health overview.

  • Exercise physiology is an allied health profession that focuses on lifestyle change and exercise programming.
  • Our exercise physiologists work with other healthcare professionals to develop a plan that is appropriate for each individual’s needs.
  • We take a holistic approach to achieve desired goals in rehabilitation, health, and fitness, acting as counselors, nutritionists, and support workers.
  • Exercise Physiology can assist people of all health conditions and athletic levels, with programs that can be completed at home or in our exercise studio.
  • A thorough review and assessment is conducted for each client to ensure that the program is appropriate, safe, and enjoyable, and to address the core issue, rather than just putting a ‘band-aid’ on top.