What is Podiatry?

On average, we walk 3,650,000 steps per year, giving us a great reason to look after ourselves. Being active and physical may come with great difficulty to those with unhealthy feet or lower limb problems. Our lower limbs are the most predominantly used limbs on our body, and most of us will unknowingly take them for granted. Due to this, we need to maintain healthy feet, and lower limb function and mobility, in order to maximise our independence and quality of life.

Podiatry is a service we can provide at Your Path to Health that specialises in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of unhealthy lower limbs, mainly in the feet and ankles. This allows you to keep your feet’s 26 bones, 33 joints and complex puzzle of muscles, blood vessels, nerves and tendons strong and healthy to keep up with even the busiest of lifestyles and help people of all ages stay active.

General Foot Care

Podiatrist specialise in general foot care and can diagnose, treat and prevent common foot problems affecting seniors, adults and children. General foot care issues which our podiatrists regularly treat include but are not limited to; athletes foot, blisters, corns, calluses, cracked heels, food odour, ingrown nails, nail cutting, toenail fungus and warts.


Assessing a child’s foot is very different to that of an adults, children have unique characteristics which require individual attention. For best long term results it is imperative that children experiencing features such as flat feet, asymmetrical feet, excessive shoe wear, regular tripping or ongoing foot pain are assessed and treated early by a podiatrist professional. Other issues such as plantar warts, nail fungus, ingrown nails are commonly treated within children. Your Path to Health has a genuine focus on assessing and treating all paediatric foot problems in depth and providing evidence based advice and treatment to make sure their outcomes are as best as possible.

Pain Management

The emphasis of podiatry treatment is to reduce and manage pain of the foot and lower limb. Pain can result from everyday tasks, physical activity or appear suddenly without warning. Many different parts of the feet may experience pain, including the heel, the toes and the ball of the foot. As our feet experience large amounts of pressure during daily tasks such as walking, there are many specific pain conditions which can affect each section of the foot.


Podiatrists may need to prescribe foot orthotics in order to treat problems concerning the feet and lower limbs. Foot orthotics are very commonly worn by individuals of all ages and even elite athletes, assisting in the management of many biomechanical issues. Here at Your Path to Health, our qualified podiatrists can prescribe a variety of different orthotic devices ranging from prefabricated orthotics and semi-custom devices to fully custom orthotics. There are multiple orthotic options available to fit into everyone’s individual circumstances.


Our podiatrists at Your Path to Health treat all sport injuries, acute, chronic, those affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg. Patients range from athletes, both professional and novice and from children to the elderly. Common foot and lower leg injuries treated at our clinic include; achilles tendinopathy, ankle sprain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and stress fractures.


Podiatrists are trained in biomechanics and the alignment of the human body. Biomechanics refers to the way in which our bodies move, irregular biomechanics can results in excessive pressure on a joint causing injury and pain. Overtime, biomechanical inconsistencies can cause other structures to compensate for the abnormality and result in injury and discomfort. Podiatrists are trained to be able determine alignment variations throughout the entire torso and lower limbs and are able to assess the biomechanics of children, teenagers, adults and athletes. When there is a biomechanical discrepancy they have the knowledge and expertise to adjust and modify footwear and foot orthoses to minimise the discrepancies.

Your feet are vitally important to your overall health and well-being. At Your Path to Health our priority is to help you stay healthy active, mobile and independent.