About Group Fitness

Have you ever wanted to join a group exercise class at the gym? But haven’t felt comfortable or found big group classes hard to keep up.

At Your Path to Health we run small group classes perfect for those who are looking to improve their fitness level, lose a couple of extra kilos or love working hard with others. 

With a wide variety of classes run by experienced group fitness instructors, know the exercises you do are not only going to make you feel better but are also done safely at your level. Classes are run before and after work times to allow you to either start or finish your day in the right way. 

YPTH Butts & Guts

30min program aimed at building core strength and toning your waistline. Improving the function of your core assist you to move better, it provides the building blocks for your body.



YPTH Stretch & Relax

The perfect way to unwind after a busy day. Spend 30minutes looking after your mind and body with a tailored stretch program to look after any of those sore spots.

YPTH Circuit & Relax

The best of both worlds, spend 45 minutes working on your strength and fitness and then spend 15 minutes unwinding assisting you to recover faster. If you enjoy variety this is the class for you, never do the same workout two weeks in a row with combination of functional movements and cardiovascular exercise perfect to help reach your health and fitness goals.

YPTH Curcuit

The class that gives you bang for your buck. Spend 30 minutes working hard at your fitness level. Tailored exercises that enables you get the best out of your workout in a short time frame.


Suitable for all levels, ages and abilities, BoxFit is a fun 30 minute workout including boxing, cardiovascular fitness and core strength. We include plenty of variety to ensure you never get bored.

YPTH Kettlebell Fitness

P30minute weight class utilising kettlebells to improve fitness, strength and power. Our highly trained instructors will assist you to develop correct movement patterns to ensure you get the most out of this great workout.

YPTH Pilates

A system of body conditioning designed to strengthen and lengthen the body’s muscles with emphasis on the core. Involving six principles: breathing, concentration, control, centring, flow and precision. Pilates trains the mind and body to move efficiently with minimal impact.